Mais fabricantes com mais de 350.00 peças no Data Portal

O EPLAN Data Portal apresenta agora mais de 350.000 dados de componentes de 56 fabricantes. As novas inclusões englobam dados de peças da General Electric (GE) na área dos comutadores de corrente de alta tensão, da Numatics no que diz respeito a componentes de transmissão hidráulica, da Murrelektronik relativamente a distribuidores de campo, da Omron e dos fabricantes de cabos Schweiger, Sigmatec, Stego e TKD Kabel.

Mais fabricantes com mais de 350.00 peças no Data Portal
Electricity transmission grid operator TenneT commissioned Siemens Energy and Prysmian Powerlink to construct a power grid connecting a series of offshore wind farms to shore. Each farm contains a number of high-voltage, direct current convertor platforms, fabricated by Nordic Yards, with a foundation support structure and topsides that incorporate conversion equipment, workshops, a helicopter deck and accommodation quarters. Each platform transforms low voltage power generated by the wind farm into high voltage power, and converts it into efficient, low-loss direct current.

With each converter platform housing significant quantities of hydrocarbon products that can produce fire temperatures of up to 1100°C and 4000m2 of transformer rooms requiring 60 minutes resistance against hydrocarbon fuel fires, an efficient fire-resistant solution was essential.

Morgan Advanced Materials supplied its low-density FireMaster® Marine Plus blanket to meet the specific requirements of the project. The high-performance FireMaster Marine Plus blanket ensures temperatures of 140°C on the internal face are not exceeded, while withstanding temperatures of up to 1100°C on the fire-exposed face.

Weighing less than 6kg/m2, the lightweight material only needed to be provided at a thickness of 80mm to offer the necessary fire protection. The reduced thickness of the FireMaster Marine Plus blanket also helped make best use of space, with the system taking up approximately 40 per cent less space than alternative materials. FireMaster Marine Plus blanket was installed on two platforms last year, and will also be fitted on a third platform later this year.

Allan Beeston, Global Manager – Fire Protection at Morgan Advanced Materials, added: “FireMaster Marine Plus blanket is fully certified by DNV, underlining the fact it has been tested to rigorous fire protection standards. As well as its thermal capabilities, the importance of reducing weight for maritime applications cannot be underestimated. Excessively heavy topside structures can create problems when modules are lifted into place. Extra support strength for the structure may also be required, leading to increased costs. FireMaster Marine Plus blanket offers a 25-50 per cent weight reduction compared with traditional mineral wool and alternative materials available on the market.”

For further information on thermal ceramics from Morgan Advanced Materials, visit www.morganthermalceramics.com.

Mais fabricantes com mais de 350.00 peças no Data Portal
Mais fabricantes com mais de 350.00 peças no Data Portal
Mais fabricantes com mais de 350.00 peças no Data Portal

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